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Popular Cosmetic Procedures Among Different Age Groups


Plastic Surgery is a personal choice made by millions each year. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), the number of cosmetic surgeries performed each year has been increasing since 1997. Although many procedures get performed over many different age groups, what are the most popular for each age range? Why?  

Teen years: Rhinoplasty/Breast Reduction

Breast reduction would have to be the most common for mid/late teens. Usually breasts are fully developed by 18, and can start to become a problem if they are too big for a person's frame. Sometimes teens as young as 14 experience pain from large breasts. Having large breasts can affect posture, cause rashes, and can interfere with daily activities such as exercising. Typically the requirement is that the breasts have not changed in size in the past two years if a teenager inquires about a breast reduction. Having that weight off a teenage's shoulders (literally) allows them to be able to do more activities they couldn't because they felt like they were being weighed down by large breasts. 

Rhinoplasty is also a popular procedure among teens. Since the nose is the focal point of the face, having a prominent tip or hump on the bridge can make a teen feel insecure about that feature. Fixing that small insecurity can make a world's difference in a teenager's self confidence. Like a breast reduction, surgeons usually wait until there has been no change in the shape and contour of the nose for two years. Depending on the person, that can range from ages 14-25. Every nose is different, so a handful of issues could be addressed. Changes like taking away a hump or shortening the tip can make a huge difference in the overall appearance of the face. 

20's: Rhinoplasty and Breast Augmentation

Like the previous age group, rhinoplasty popularity goes well into the 20s age group. The nose may not finish developing until early-mid 20s, so certain features may not be promenent until this age range. I will actually be getting my nose done two weeks from now, and will be blogging the whole process. Stay tuned for that!

Breast augmentation is also a popular choice among women in their 20's. At this age, your body is able to adapt to the changes you make. Also, having more definition in the bust line helps increase a woman's self confidence. The right implant can give your body a nice, natural look without overpowering you. It is between you and your surgeon to decide what implant size/shape would be ideal for your body type. Every body is different, and there is an implant that meets the needs of almost every woman. 

30's: Liposuction, Botox/Fillers, Coolsculpting, Mommy Makeover

The 30's have a wide range for procedures. Typically, women are finished having children in their 30's and opt for liposuction and/or a "Mommy Makeover". A mommy makeover includes a breast lift and abdominoplasty and can be done together in one operation. Another option is having liposuction done on areas where it is hard to get rid of the stubborn fat. Liposuction will suction the fat away from the chosen areas, and is great for body contouring.

More non-invasive procedures are gaining popularity among the 30's age group as well. Your 30's are too young to consider a facelift, but for the fine lines that start showing up, Botox and filler are great preventative maintenance. Botox paralyzes certain facial muscles to stop those wrinkles from becoming more prominent. Filler essentially fills in areas that are starting to lose fat, such as lines around the mouth and under the eyes. Coolsculpting is also a non-invasive procedure that freezes fat from areas of the body. This is a no downtime procedure, so it is perfect for busy moms and dads that do not want to commit to surgery. 

40's: Eyelids, Browlift, Facelift

40's is the year when facial concerns pop up. Upper and lower eyelid surgery is a popular choice to remove the extra skin above and below the eyes. This opens up the eyes, and gives the face a less tired appearance. Browlift is also a change that gives the face a subtle lift. Lifting the brows helps open up the eyes and soften wrinkles on the forehead. 

Mid-late 40's is also the time where a facelift could start being considered. Depending on how you've aged having a facelift right when you start to notice crepiness on areas of your face, mainly the neck, could make your results last longer and appear more natural. Many factors contribute into the likelihood of having a facelift performed prior to your 50's such as how much sun damage you have, if you are a smoker, and how your face has aged naturally. Typically, patients that have kept a good skin care regime throughout their life are able to hold off on having major surgery to correct sagging and aged skin. Consulting with a reputable plastic surgeon is the best way to know your options and know what is best for you. 

50s+: Facelift

50's and onward is the most popular age group to get a facelift. A facelift tightens the muscles in the face and pulls the skin back to remove any extra loose skin. Like we said in the previous section, it all depends on how your skin has aged on what time would be ideal for you to consider a facelift. There is no magic tell-tale sign that determines if you should or should not undergo a facelift, so consulting with a plastic surgeon to get your options would be the best choice if you are considering needing work done. 


Of course many procedures are done at all ages, but these are just a few popular procedures I've noticed among different age groups. One thing I do recommend is starting a good skin care regime as preventative maintenance for your future. You'll thank yourself when you're older! 

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