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10 Reasons to Get a Monthly Facial


When you think facial, most likely the first thing that comes to mind is "special occasion treatment" and not exactly "monthly maintenance treatment". But did you know that getting a facial every 4-6 weeks is not only a nice treat, but can also improve your skin's overall appearance? Here are 10 reasons why you might want to consider adding even a 30-minute facial to your monthly routine:

1. Expert Skin Analysis

Aestheticians are not only taught how to give relaxing facials, but we also are experts in the histology and anatomy of the skin. This means that we can get a good look at your skin and address some of the concerns that you have. Whether you are concerned with the oiliness of your skin or want help getting rid of a few sun spots, we are able to use our knowledge to recommend the best treatments/products to satisfy your skincare needs. 

2. Professional Strength Treatments

Nowadays there is an abundance of over the counter treatments you are able to use at home. Although this is great, certain stronger ingredients are only available in a medispa setting. If you are looking for a more effective treatment, you might want to consider visiting an aesthetician. Certain medispas can offer higher grade treatments such as higher percentage retinols and TCA peels (trichloroacetic acid). 

3. Deeper Exfoliation

When getting a facial, an aesthetician is able to remove the top layer, or dead layer, of the skin better than an at-home exfoliant. There are multiple methods of exfoliation, and what might work for a friend could react completely different on your skin type. An aesthetician will be able to accurately recommend and provide either a chemical or mechanical method of exfoliation. Removing that dead layer of skin prevents pores from trapping dirt in them, and also helps any products put on top of the skin to penetrate better. 

4. Facials Cleanse the Skin At a Deeper Level

If you wash your face everyday, why would you need to have a monthly facial? The concept is the same as visiting the dentist. You brush your teeth everyday, but you still need to visit every few months for your dentist to give your teeth a deeper clean. Getting a facial allows an aesthetician to cleanse your skin deeper than your can with just your hands. We use multiple methods to remove dirt from the skin and also clear the pores from dirt and sebum build up. 

5. Increases Circulation

Facial massages are relaxing in general, but did you know they also boost circulation in the skin? Poor circulation in the skin gives the skin that tired, aged appearance. Manipulating the skin encourages blood flow to be restored and gives skin a healthy "glowy" appearance. 

6. Stress Reliever

Imagine going through a long week, and then getting to lay in a dim-lit room with relaxing music and a person massaging you face. Sounds pretty nice right? Facials are meant to give skin a nice cleanse and treatment while also being relaxing for the patient. Facials are available in different time lengths (30, 60, and 90 minutes) in order to give you the desired relaxation level. 

7. Facials Slow Down the Aging Process

Receiving the proper treatment for your skin concerns, whether it be from fine lines to skin tightening to acne, allows the skin to have proper cell turnover rate and eliminate some of the commons factors that contribute to aging. It is never too late to get into the routine of monthly skincare maintenance, and consulting with an aesthetician allows them to customize an individual treatment plan to give you maximum benefits. 

8. At Home Skincare Recommendations

While monthly treatments help improve your skin greatly, your at home routine is what helps improve your skin long term. Seeking the advice from a professional allows yourself to know you are getting the best recommendations for your specific skincare needs and wants. Everyone's skin is different, so what works great for a friend might dry your skin out too much, or make your skin produce more oil. Also, medispas are able to carry medical grade skincare products that are not able to be purchased over the counter. These products include higher strength ingredients that are able to tackle skin issues more so than drugstore products can. If you do use medical grade skincare, you will want to stay under the care of a medical aesthetician since some of the higher strength ingredients are not meant to be used on the skin for a prolonged period of time. 

9. Your Skin Changes With the Seasons

That light moisturizer you've been using all summer might not give you enough hydration come winter time. Like you adjust your wardrobe to cooler/warmer temperatures, you also need to adjust your skincare routine. In the wintertime, you want to focus more on keeping your skin hydrated with a hydrating facial, and in the summertime your routine might be focused more on oil control or repairing sun damage. 

10. Treat Yourself!

You work hard, you deserve to have an hour to yourself and relax. Whether your busy with work, kids, or the stresses of life, facials allow you to de-stress and recharge. A perk is also getting great skin afterwards! 


Always, thank you for reading. To learn more about options for facials please do not hesitate to call our office at (205) 930-1600.



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