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Why I get Botox at 20


Whenever I tell someone I receive Botox injections regularly I get told "You're way too young to have Botox!" or "Why on earth would you need Botox? You don't have wrinkles!". Let me tell you something,  genetics were not nice to me when it comes to my glabella area (in-between my eyebrows). Most people have one or two lines form whenever they furrow their brows, but I have 5. I call it my "W" since it looks just like that, a W. Don't believe me? Check it out:

 Notice how my right eyebrow almost starts turning into a checkmark as well...

Notice how my right eyebrow almost starts turning into a checkmark as well...

So what exactly does Botox do? Botox (Botulinum Toxin) is a drug that is medically used to temporarily paralyze the muscle. It is most commonly used for cosmetic reasons in the glabella, forehead, and crow's feet; and the majority of plastic surgery offices offer this procedure. My mother was the first one to suggest I get Botox. Since I work in a plastic surgery office I figured, why not give it a try? Botox sometimes get a bad rep, whenever most people think of Botox they think of old ladies who can't move their eyebrows or make any sort of expression. Now, I am very expressive with my eyes, and I did not want to lose movement in my eyebrows and forehead. Thankfully, I work with two of the best plastic surgeons who make sure that I can still make my many expressions. When I first got injected, I received 20 units in my glabella area. The process itself was very simple. First, you put on "numbing goo" (topical lidocaine) to take away some of the sting from the needle. Numbing goo is my best friend, I did not feel a thing when I got injected. Now everyone is different, I know some people who tense up when they get injected because they can still feel the sting from the needle. The process itself takes about 5 minutes tops, so it is very bearable even if there is a little pain. After the injections you might have a few spots that bleed; if that happens, you are advised to keep pressure on that area to minimize the risk of any bruising. The results are not immediate, it actually takes about a week for the Botox to kick in. After that, the Botox lasts on average about 3-4 months. 

 Look! No "W"!

Look! No "W"!

After I received my first injection, I was in love. I was still able to move my eyebrows and furrow them slightly, but my "W" was nowhere in sight. My injections lasted about 4-5 months, which is longer than the average time frame. When I was ready to get injected again, I explored the possibility of getting Botox in my crow's feet area as well. I know you're probably thinking: Why would this girl need Botox in her crow's feet too? I won't lie, my crow's feet lines are not that bad. But, whenever I smile, those lines bring the tail of my brow down. A slight change like that can make the biggest difference in the way you look. So, I ended up getting another 20 units in my glabella, and 20 units in my crow's feet. Again, I did not feel a thing when I got injected. 

Now, was I just lucky that my injections lasted longer than the expectancy? Maybe. I did have some assistance though. At our office, We carry a medical grade skin care line called Societe. This brand offers medical grade ingredients while still being free of parabens, sulfates, and fragrances. This brand has created an 'iComplete Kit' that is said to maximize and extend the results of your injectables. This kit comes with two products: an anti-wrinkle serum, and a light moisturizer. The serum helps reduce muscle contractions with "neuro-like peptides" and gives you an instant, long-lasting, firming and tightening effect. The moisturizer provides a light and refreshing boost of hydration to the skin, while also calming post-procedure skin and increasing collagen and elastin production. I have seen a major difference in my skin after using these two products, not just in the areas I received Botox, but on my entire face as well. If that is something that interests you, call our office at (205)930-1600 to hear more about the line. We also ship!

I hope you were able to learn a little bit more about Botox, and why I personally chose to get it. Of course, Botox is not for everyone, and I recommend getting a consult with a plastic surgeon to see if it is right for you. Thanks for reading!



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